Green Tea KitKat

Everybody who looks at Japanese pop culture, whether it be someone who wants to travel here, someone looking at kawaii or just a random Facebook post about "10 candies you can't get where you live", they all eventually stumble across the fact that Japan has different KitKat to us Brits.  Gasp, how very dare they corrupt our Rowntree's original (skipping conveniently over Nestle).

Green Tea KitKatThing is, all brands are global and all change for various locations.  McDonalds is an often-cited example - gaining pop-culture notoriety through the "Royale with cheese" scene from Pulp Fiction.  However, just because things change doesn't mean they are better or worse, just different.  To that end, I decided to give the Green Tea flavoured KitKat's a day in court - I shall be judge, jury and executioner.

I found these in a nearby 7-Eleven (which was lacking a slurpee machine, I might add), while buying a few bottles of water for the apartment (Japanese tap water is fine, but I don't drink tap water).  Looking at them I decided two things: One, I shall try them and Two, I needed to put content onto this blog.

Green Tea KitKatSo yeah, not much to say really.  They are small squares of KitKat bites (I think we have them in the UK, the US certainly does under some sub-brand of Pop-Choc).  Upon opening the foil pack, there's the initial KitKat scent the same as you'd expect, but the discovery that they are green was a little bit of a shock - I don't know why, it's kinda obvious but... Maybe it's the disparity between the colour and the familiar scent?

So they look like little green pebbles, and the chocolate looks sort of hard.  Not a shell like an M&M but, it has a glaze - I gingerly bit down (as my false teeth on a bridge would not look kindly upon biting into a small pebble) and it was soft as you'd expect - the glaze is just that, and not hard at all.

Green Tea KitKatThe taste... It's actually quite hard to describe.  I mean, they taste like KitKat, and they sure as hell don't taste like green tea.  But there's something else there, a slightly refreshing taste, clean - it would be easy to suggest it was mint, but it's not it's something else.  It may well be green tea, but it's not like any I have had.  Is it nice?  Damn it's gorgeous.  It's still clearly chocolate flavoured and there's still the KitKat taste of wafer, but the "green tea" taste on top is lovely.

Overall: This was a triumph, I'm making a note here - huge success!