So, Wagashi…

As I mentioned in my last blog post about the excellent Tokyo Food Tour I went on, one stop was at a Wagashi vendor, the very impressive looking Akebono in Ginza.  I did not eat it there and then, as per many of the others I brought it back to my apartment to try.


The shop itself was gorgeous, presentation was certainly in-keeping with being near Bulgari and Chanel stores.  It also was quite busy, and we had been informed that these sweets lasted only a few hours and would sell out quickly.  Opening it and feeling it, I can quite imagine that to be true, it certainly still felt "fresh" and not like something that would keep.

IMG_2443The outer, made of rice paste, felt sort of squishy like a stress ball, and not sticky but like you could get stuck to it if you handled it too much.  It had a light dusting of flour to stop such stickiness.  I was already apprehensive, as I had a feeling I had tried one of these before, but no idea when.

So I took a bite into it... No, this was not for me.  I know that travelling means opening yourself up to trying new things (including foods) and this stretches beyond differently flavoured candies - but taste is subjective, and I just did not enjoy this at all.  Don't get me wrong, I enjoyed TRYING it, the experience of going to the shop, learning about it and so on - I feel almost offensive suggesting that I didn't like the end product, but I simply did not.

goomyMixing the grey coloured interior with the almost squishy exterior, I felt like I had bitten into poor little Goomy.  In his home country too, I felt a little sorry for this sweet.  None of this detracts from an excellent night, I made myself a coffee and read for a while before falling asleep.