39 – Strawberry

While in Japan, I heard of a café/shop called 100% Chocolate Cafe in Ginza. They serve chocolate treats and sell 56 different flavours of chocolate.  Some of the flavours are down to the cocoa bean, some down to the sweetner and some down to the milk.  The most intriguing, however, were those that had flavours based upon other flavours.

I love strawberry flavours, so bought number 39 - Strawberry (and yet all my mind is doing is playing the Brothers Johnson song).  The boxes (and the way they are arranged in-store) are reminiscent of the periodic table of elements, and strawberry was well situated right in the middle.  Having just tried it, I was genuinely surprised to find that it was a pink colour, I had expected the obvious cocoa brown just with a flavour difference but in fairness most strawberry chocolates are pink.

Wow, not subtle! It was very definitely strawberry. But in a good way, it wasn't overly sweet like strawberry candies and delicatessen foods can be.  There's still a taste and texture of chocolate but the flavour is more like fresh strawberries. The aftertaste even has that slightly tart flavour of a slight strawberry citrus.

I have a few others to try, and if this (and the praline cone I tried in the cafe) are anything to go by, they should be lovely.