Japan Photos

So here's a fun little fact:  I took over 6000 photos in Tokyo.

Here's a less fun fact: That was a real pain in the ass to organise.  I currently am working without Lightroom, so am making do with Apple Photos.  In fairness, it's not too bad, it does what it's meant to do and does it in a relatively simple way.  But it's not my go-to workflow, so editing these down has been time consuming.

But editing is a must.  I am self-indulgent with my photos, and after New York I realised that while I am interested in every one of the 97 photos of the Empire State Building, not everyone is.  Context plays a major part, it's MY photo of a time I was there, it's the nearest physical embodiment of a memory.  But to anyone else, one or two photos is enough - "Look, this is the Empire State Building.  Now you've seen it".  I think being a (very) amateur photographer and still learning the techniques available to me has encouraged me to take more photos than I normally would - I strive to do things manually, so for every photo that I'm proud of, there are maybe 10 that went in the bin.

I will admit that of that 6000, there was a large number that were part of timelapse captures, so that number is also inflated in another way.  I adore timelapse videos, but the one thing I have learned in Tokyo is to plan them.  Literally sitting for hours while the camera merrily snaps away is all well and good, it's reading time.  But after an hour you find a setting was wrong, ugh.

That said, here's the edited down 166 photos - and I find it amusing that they reflect me so well as there's a few from the different districts I visited, the things I saw, but there is a large percentage that are of food, disney or just messing about with the camera.

Saying goodbye to NanAt the terminalReady for departureEntrance to my apartmentDramatic hallwayThe living areaSkytree from the balconyAsakusaSensoJi at nightSelection of meatsYakinikuYurakucho IzikayaGado-shitaNik in the Gado-shitaPickled chickenYakitoriOkonomiyakiThe tour groupSensoJi templeTemple statueCovered walkwaysSensoJi selfieTokyo SkytreeTemple & Luna ParkDaikanranshaOdaibaLooking down on AsakusaAt the base of DaikanranshaGreen tea ice-creamIn the lobbyGundamBeep BoopMetro to AsakusaSunrise at the templeSunrise at the templeSunrise at the templeKaminarimon gateTemple gardensTemple gardensNik in ShibuyaMix your own drinksDelicious sushiMelting rabbit treatsKawaii Monster CafeNik in Kawaii Monster CafeTemple waterfallTakeshita Street in HarajukuScreens above ShibuyaShibuya crossingHachi and NikKawaii Monster CafeKawaii waitressCalbee+ freshly made crispsShinkansen at TokyoNik in ArashiyamaArashiyama bamboo pathUphill in ArashiyamaFeeding the monkeysAngry apeRelaxed apeKatsura deltaKimono ForestThe last of the cherry blossomsKinkakuJi shrineKinkakuJiNik at KinkakujiNik and ShinkansenDoing over 200mphPork dumplings on a stickDelicious street foodChief of policeUeno ParkPark performersPolar bearSquarkHungry gorillaHidden tigerLions roarMongolian bearElephantsEats shoots and leavesPrarie dogNik and the pandasQueuing for coffeeTokyo railway stationImperial palace moatEntrance to the palaceSamurai statueView from OdaibaOdaiba boardwalkRainbow bridgeGovernment buildingsDomo arigato Mr RobotoMusical horsemanRobot cabaretBizarre drummerNik and the robotIlluminated Tokyo TowerRoppongi HillsTraffic in RoppongiCentral reservation100% deliciousSensoJi templeLate night showsHigh speed breakfastIn my bento boxKeeping me awakeGolden week celebrations at Tokyo TowerTiny templeToy carsLooking down on RoppongiDowntown skylineOdaiba in the distanceSuntori highballsWelcome to Tokyo DisneylandNot in NottinghamHis nose grew!CaseyBusy day in the park80Mark Twain riverboatThe most glorious sundae everYou canTomorrowland towersLooking down on FantasylandEaster GoofyPartners in the courtyardIncredibleThe two towersI wanna be like youWishes fireworksEnchanted Tiki RoomAll Disney parks look better at nightEssential Mickey pretzelSpace MountainMike and SulleyRapunzel and FlynnJosé Carioca and Panchito PistolesIlluminated spiresMark TwainBriar Patch walkwaysThe Briar PatchCarouselLate night RamenGyoza at midnightLocal restaurantTokyo Disney SeaMediterranean harbourMickey was dressed for the occasionAmerican waterfrontArabian coastSupplies!Nik and DonaldNemo submarineHe can smell meMediterranean coastHarbour after sunsetMysterious islandLost river deltaAgrabah marketplaceVolcano coastlineMayan templeBack towards ArabiaRiverboat stationFantasmicFinal volley of fireworks