Akihabara Panorama

On the way to Japan, I sat near a gentleman on the plane who wrote articles for technology blogs.  He was toying with a little device, taking full 360-degree panoramas, something I have been interested in since the late 90s.  Seeing as I had about 11 hours to kill, I decided to ask what this camera was - I knew such devices exist, but that they cost upwards of £1000 - this looked simple to use and targeted towards the consumer rather than the professional.  Turns out, it was a Ricoh Theta - a fairly new camera that consists of two synchronized fish-eye lenses, that automatically stitches the images into a single circular panorama.

He gave me a little demo of it, and while the camera itself is surprisingly good, the accompanying smartphone app is so-so, but it was enough to convince me to look into them.  There are two models; the stock Theta and the higher-spec Theta S - the main differences being shutter and aperture control alongside the supported video formats - I have opted for the S from Bic Camera.

I'm more than happy with the output from this, especially considering it was only a few hundred quid.  This is the first panorama that I took, just to see how it works.  Central Akihabara, it's nothing special but I simply wanted to see if my blog can cope.  I guess I will write a full review once I have time...