Netflix Glow Soundtrack Playlist

So this weekend just gone I binged on the new Netflix show Glow, finishing much of the first season in one sitting, and all in one weekend. Being a big fan of 80s wrestling and knowing very little about women's wrestling in the 80s (beyond Alundra Blayze) and only a passing awareness of the Gorgeous Ladies Of Wrestling promotion, this seemed like quite a decent show. Produced by the team behind Orange Is The New Black, and staring Alison Brie, I knew I'd probably enjoy it's style, and I wasn't wrong.

Really enjoyed it, and the late 1980s LA setting is great (although the references seem to skip around between mid 80s and early 90s). What really stands out though is the soundtrack. Full of 80s hits as well as a few lesser-known tracks that certainly set the tone. Here's a write up from Bustle:

Wrestling is a pretty niche sport that most people will never try for themselves, but I defy you to listen to any of these songs again without wanting to get into a ring and tackle somebody. GLOW certainly figured out just the right combination of songs to get viewers psyched up, using a combination of iconic classics and one-hit-wonders that capture what the mainstream culture of the decade was actually like.

Best of all, most of the songs are the kind of thing you'd hear in an elaborate training montage, which makes them perfect background music for the next time you work out. Make no mistake, I am absolutely putting a bunch of these songs on my running playlist, and I expect that once you get the chance to check them all out, you'll do the same.

Unfortunately, there seems to be no release of a compilation CD. Fortunately, I've made my own on Apple Music, so enjoy :)

Grab the Apple Music playlist here...