Abba – Super Trouper

Although I recall songs from around this time (Joe Dolce – Shaddap You Face being an unfortunate memory), I’m reliably informed that this was one I used to waggle along to (and my dancing has only got worse since). And fair play, a great song with a ridiculously good harmony, but that bass line! It’s almost Duran Duran level!

At the time, my father was working up north (Scotland I think) and I recall my mother (years later, because I would have been 2) making a joke about the opening line “I was sick and tired of everything, when you called me last night from Glasgow”.

40 years after it’s release, there are now rumours of Abba releasing some new music. Is it wrong that I’m really been but also a bit worried to hear it? Remember “Chinese Democracy“? Yeah, that…