Robbie Williams – Me & My Monkey

I sued to be such a fan, absolutely loved Robbie before he disappeared into dimestore-Morrissey territory on his last major album. An utter victim of believeing his own hype long past the point anyone cared.

I’ve Been Expecting You, Escapology, Take The Crown, Reality Killed The Video Star were absolutely anthemnic albums. Rudebox, Intensive Care, Sing When You’re Winning and Life Thru A Lens contained numerous great songs also. If I had to make a “My favourite Robbie songs” playlist (like this one), it would be huge. And this would definitely be on it.

From the chilled pop, almost mariachi horns to the Fear & Loathing In Las Vegas vibe as a drugs reference, it’s a really nice, easy song to sing and a bit of fun. A few points when you get to give it both barrels, but mostly a fun little relaxed song. Can I sing it? Maybe, I can hold a tune and it’s more an enjoyable song to sing than one that matters how well you nail it.

Shame Robbie just became a parody of his former “deliberately egocentric” self. The joke wore thin, I guess… Someone probably should have let him know!