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Disney World HDR

Still learning how to take and process HDR photos in a beautiful, but crowded location. Some of these came out really well, others not so much. But it's a learning curve and I'm enjoying it!

Nice & Monaco

Nice lived up to it's name (surpassed it), and Monaco itself was very interesting. Monte Carlo, well it seemed to be populated by pretentious, insecure assholes with very little substance about them. But hey, it had a Starbucks and some exceptional sushi ;)

April 2017 Mix

I've not made a mix in a little while, but I threw this together this afternoon so feel free to download and enjoy

My Nan

Last week my nan passed away with the same grace and dignity that she lived her life, and I am left with these beautiful memories to cherish. I doubt I will ever meet anyone who had so much kindness inside, so much warmth for others and so many smiles to share.

Destination Anywhere

This is a story about what it's like to be lost, just minutes away from your own home. I don't know if this story's over yet but this is how it began.

It’s gigantic!

Since returning, people have asked me "How was Tokyo?" and my answers may include words such as amazing, crazy, taxing, beautiful. There's no doubt though, one word will always crop up: Massive!

Because: Japan

There are a great many reasons to love Japan. The people, the food, the scenery... But also the randomness! Wow, just wow!

Japan Photos

I took over 6000 photos in Tokyo, that was a real pain in the ass to organise and nobody wants to see them all. So here's 166 that are either favourites or tell the story of my fortnight in Japan.

39 – Strawberry

100% Chocolate Cafe in Ginza serve chocolate treats and sell 56 different flavours of chocolate... I just tried number 39 - strawberry

So, Wagashi…

On the recent food tour, I got try try Wagashi. Having brought it back to my apartment, I gave it a try...