John Williams created an astounding score for the Star Wars series, introducing me to leitmotif and the idea of music playing such a part of a story – heck, the very deliberate use of certain character themes in different keys in the trailers always hints at where the story is going.

While they have been added to by various composers (specifically the very talented Michael Giacchino for Rogue One), I struggle to think of a composer who has shaped my cinema experience as much as Williams. This is why the score he created for Galaxy’s Edge immediately draws me back to walking around the outpost. You hear it, you appreciate it but there’s so much going on that I didn’t pay attention – but now hearing it again I realise how it was always there.

What an amazing new land Disney have sculpted. From it’s awesome food and drink to its ongoing narrative – not only does it not feel like Earth, it doesn’t feel like Disney World; it genuinely feels like you’re in part of the saga experiencing it first-hand and interacting with genuine characters within the plot.

While Smugglers Run was good (not amazing as a ride, I still prefer Star Tours but awesome as part of the whole experience) I can’t wait to see what Rise Of The Resistance holds.