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Map Of Unusual Problematique You

A mashup of two of my favourite songs - Unusual You by Britney Spears and Map Of The ...

All I Want For Black Christmas Parade

When I was... A young boy...

Texas - In Demand

Totally forgot this hit by the Scottish band Texas

The Rise Of Skywalker – Trailer 3 Score

This final trailer for the forthcoming The Rise Of Skywalker just pushes it to 11

Galaxy’s Edge Score by John Williams

John Williams created an astounding score for the Star Wars series and has expanded it to ...

MXMS - I Revenge

Something very haunting about this chamber-pop song

Vanessa Paradis - Sunday Mondays

Loved this little slice of throwaway 90s pop, and still just a little bit smitten by Vanessa Paradis.

Charlotte Church - Glitterbombed

Still really enjoy her voice and vaguely melancholy melodies

Kate Bush - Cloudbusting

A few Kate Bush songs have found their way onto my playlist

Boys Of Summer – Don Henley (Acoustic)

Maybe the most hauting song I've ever loved, in a new acoustic style

The Twang - Everytime

What should have been this years summer anthem!

Dana Jean Phoenix - Le Mirage

September synthpop favourite!

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