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Galaxy’s Edge Score by John Williams

John Williams created an astounding score for the Star Wars series and has expanded it to ...

California Grill Stitch

85 individual photos of the Magic Kingdom stitched into a panorama

Poly Lobby

Always loved Disney's Polynesian Village Resort ever since I first saw it as a kid

View from the balcony

Such a lovely view each morning

Halloween Horror Nights 2019

Well this is a bit sodding intense...

Checked in at Animal Kingdom Lodge

View from the internal balcony

YoU sHoUlD eAt MoRe FrUiT

Breakfast of champions

Away we go…

I will definitely recognise my luggage

See ya later...

Wish you were here... kinda!

Packing or parping

You’re going on holiday soon, maybe you should pack?

Or perhaps you should watch videos of Greg Davies live stand-up, either way

My brain
Greg Davies affects whether I end up naked on holiday or not!

Off to Disney World?

It's a flat earth after all

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