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#spooky #frappuccino from #Starbucks because #halloween @starbucks

Charcoal, mango and coconut sounds so wrong, but...

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Almost forgot this was happening, but thankfully a reminder got me there

California Grill Stitch

85 individual photos of the Magic Kingdom stitched into a panorama

Poly Lobby

Always loved Disney's Polynesian Village Resort ever since I first saw it as a kid

View from the balcony

Such a lovely view each morning

Checked in at Animal Kingdom Lodge

View from the internal balcony

YoU sHoUlD eAt MoRe FrUiT

Breakfast of champions

Away we go…

I will definitely recognise my luggage

See ya later...

Wish you were here... kinda!


I love a little passive aggressive humour!

Off to Disney World?

It's a flat earth after all

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