Daz Sampson – Teenage Life

Oh man there’s a lot to unpick here…

What an utter pile of dirge this is, and the only thing cringier is Daz Sampson himself. A “music” career revolving around the most obvious 4/4 beats and horrendous samples. Don’t get me wrong, sampling can be as creative as composing, but this Bus Stop crap is just lame. His “rapping” (or “white lad talking to a beat”) is literally about as good as some pissed-up teenager who “want’s to do Lose Yourself on karaoke”. Acting like he’s some lad, nah mate you’ve made Pitbull look like a rap god!

And then the song… “What did you learn at school today? That’s what the teachers used to say“. Really? Isn’t it what parents used to say? I’d have hoped the teachers knew. It’s such utter bollocks from start to finish, we should have been kicked out of Eurovision for taking the piss.

And the video. Dressing women up as schoolgirls in an overtly sexual way (not cool at all unless you’re Russian) while Daz lurches around like a nonce. I could go on about how much I hate this song, but I just can’t bring myself to dedicate another second to this tripe.