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30-Day Song Challenge: 02

A song by an artist you've recently got into: John Coltrane - Cousin Mary

30-Day Song Challenge: 01

A song that always makes you feel happy: Noemi Smorra & Lena Katina - Golden Leaves

Map Of Unusual Problematique You

A mashup of two of my favourite songs - Unusual You by Britney Spears and Map Of The ...

All I Want For Black Christmas Parade

When I was... A young boy...

My Christmas Wish List

I'm not really a fan of wish lists, but seeing as people have asked...

Texas - In Demand

Totally forgot this hit by the Scottish band Texas

#spooky #frappuccino from #Starbucks because #halloween @starbucks

Charcoal, mango and coconut sounds so wrong, but...

The Rise Of Skywalker – Trailer 3 Score

This final trailer for the forthcoming The Rise Of Skywalker just pushes it to 11

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Almost forgot this was happening, but thankfully a reminder got me there

Galaxy’s Edge Score by John Williams

John Williams created an astounding score for the Star Wars series and has expanded it to ...

MXMS - I Revenge

Something very haunting about this chamber-pop song

Vanessa Paradis - Sunday Mondays

Loved this little slice of throwaway 90s pop, and still just a little bit smitten by Vanessa Paradis.
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